Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandparents are the Best

We went to Helena this weekend to visit my parents. I have to admit that I had ulterior motives for going as I hate doing taxes and my dad has always helped me. That said, I love going to visit them. They own a really great house up in the woods with tons of things for Mattaya to explore. I grew up in a National Park and spent my childhood immersed in Nature. This is something that I want for my kids and since we live in the city, it is great that they have my parents house to get the Nature experience. There are rocks for her to climb, trees to swing from, and my dad even put a slide in the side of a hill. She has a blast. In the winter there is not much to do, especially when it was as cold as it was this weekend. We went to the carousel and had ice cream  and it was a blast. No matter the season my parents make each visit special and fun.

Mattaya LOVES her grandparents. She asks constantly to be with them. When she gets into trouble or has to be disciplined she asks for her Nana. She asks at least a few times a week if she can go to Helena and live with her Grandparents! I am grateful that my parents have taken time to make Mattaya feel special. I know the same will be true with Kellen.

Grandparents are the best!!

Hanging out at my parent's house

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