Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thoughts of a Working Mom- Month 2

Being a working mom is hard. Well, being a mom is hard. I know that stay at home moms have it tough too. It is not easy what ever path you choose. Each has its challenges and benefits. As a working mom over the last few months I have learned a lot. I always knew that my family was my priority, but I didn't realize how much I would have to emphasize this at work. Also, I did not realize how much having another child would affect Mattaya. She was fine before I went back to work, but now, she is having a really hard time with it. She tells me almost everyday that she doesn't want me to work. Yesterday she asked me if she could "go to ballet". I told her yes but Daddy would take her. She broke down and said that she wanted me to take her. OUCH. I think my heart broke right there. I wish that they would have classes on Fridays and Saturdays so  I could take her! I hate not being able too, but  because of our situation I have to work. Mattaya wants  and needs me but I am not always there for her. This is one thing I didn't expect and something that makes it so hard for me to go to work. However, I know God's plan for me will be great and I have been blessed tremendously with so much. It maybe hard, but seeing the excitement on her face when I get home makes it all worth while!

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